Great Church Events Across The U.S.

You can attend concerts, seminars, shows, and other events tailored to many topics and genres, but if you are a God-fearing Christian, so many of these events are far out of your interest and taste of acceptance. Luckily, many church-related events take place throughout the U.S. every year. If you’re searching for a Christian activity that puts you in touch with fellow-minded people for fun, these are events you should consider attending.

Essence Gospel Music Fest
Each year, the Essence Gospel Music Fest brings together some of the top musicians in Christian music, as well as seminars, sermons, sales events like those for church pulpits, pews, decorations, and more. This is one of the biggest events held during the year, bringing thousands of Christians together to enjoy in the praise and worship and the fun.

The Alive Festival has been held annually since 1998. This exciting music festival is held at various locations around the world, and offers fellowship, praise, and plenty of great music from artists you know and those you should get to know.

If you’re outside the U.S. or plan to be any length of time this year, consider attending the CreationFest festival.  This festival has been a tradition since 2002. It lasts for an entire week, offering attendees worship, seminars, music, workshops, films and movies, a skate park for the kids, and more. This is a Christian event that brings non-stop fun into the lives of those who want Jesus Christ front and center of their life.

LifeLight Festival
This free event brings more than 200,000 people to the 3-day event. Held in Worthing, South Dakota, attendees of this festival enjoy an array of Christian-themed activities for the entire family. There will be concerts from various artists, but that’s just the start of what you can enjoy when at the LifeLight Festival. There will be a coffee shop, an art gallery, and a kids’ area with tons of fun to entertain little ones of all ages.

Bethel Conference
Held at various locations across the U.S., Bethel Conference aims to provide information to those who want to lead a Christian lifestyle. Speakers, revival, and congregating are a few of the things taking place at this popular annual conference.

It is Time for Christian Fun
Whether or not you wish to buy church pulpits is irrelevant, but what is important is that you are a part of at least a few of these awesome festivals and fun. There isn’t a better way to celebrate your love of Jesus Christ and your need for fun than by being a part of these events. These are some of the most exciting events taking place throughout the year, but only a small sampling of what is out there for you to attend and enjoy. There’s something near you, or at least an event worth traveling to, so do not miss out on the praise and fun.